PAUL WILSON.WebsitePaul Wilson, Professional Speaker, Executive Leader: an expert in leading for outcomes under pressure and in complex environments. Paul’s practical leadership style transcends all industries, focusing on how to get the best outcomes from any organisation under any circumstances by building and leveraging the relationships with its people.

Paul Wilson is one of the truly great leaders. A hypnotic storyteller and enthralling voice on modern leadership, Paul speaks on leveraging your people to get the best results for them and your organisation.

A police career spanning 40 years – journeying from cadet to Assistant Commissioner – Paul shares his on-the-ground application of practical and creative leadership approaches in high pressure and complex environments.

Paul is a graduate of the FBI and AIPM Multi-Nation Senior Officer’s Program aimed at enhancing leadership in counter-terrorism. He is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian Institute of Police Management in Sydney, and Charles Sturt University.

Having lead major investigations into innumerable high profile police cases across Queensland, Paul has received a multitude of honours and awards including the Commissioner’s Award for Meritorious Service. He has been recognised twice for outstanding detective ability and awarded Commissioner’s Commendations relating to a double murder investigation and the investigation of a fatal remote location helicopter crash. In 2006, Paul was awarded the Australian Police Medal at the Australia Day Awards.

Read more about Paul’s police service and view a copy of his Certificate of Service.

Retiring from the Police Force in 2014, Paul now serves on the Board of the Queensland Police Credit Union and is Chair of the Brisbane Central Crime Stoppers Area Committee. He is a former Director of Crime Stoppers Queensland.

A gifted communicator with an astounding ability to read and connect with people, Paul engages audiences with practical insights on becoming a great leader by building solid, trust-based relationships that empower you and your team.

Also a proud survivor of prostate cancer, Paul speaks passionately on his experience in order to motivate both men and women to screen regularly for the early signs of cancer.

Paul is a married father of three and doting grandfather of one.